Santa is Coming - 12/15 from 10am - 12pm

Santa is Coming!!!

Saturday, December 15th

10:00 AM until 12:00 PM
Don't be late. Santa must leave right at 12pm.

Cy-Fair FCU Lobby | 9601 Jones Rd, 77065

Free Event


Stone Creek Branch is Relocating

Moving Our Stone Creek Location in 2019

As early as January 2019, the credit union will relocate its Stone Creek location to 7060 Highway 6, Houston, TX 77095, near Copperfield Place. Aside from the cost savings benefit we discovered, we also chose this new location due to its proximity to shopping, dining, groceries and other retail options at the intersection of HWY 6 and 529, making it more convenient for members to drop in while running errands. The new location has been designed to produce a more efficient and innovative facility with better utilization of space, Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs), a quick and convenient drive-thru, and consultation rooms that are equipped for improved financial collaboration.

Watch for more communications related to this and additional upcoming financial center updates.




Finding Discounts Online for Military Personnel and Veterans

Finding Discounts for Military Personnel and Veterans

Here is a list of websites that offer deals and discounts specifically for active duty, reservists, retirees, veterans, and their families:

Keep your reports accurate:

If you are currently on active duty or are a veteran, always ask if the retailer or service provider offers a military discount. Thank you for your service!



New Rates on CDs and Money Market Accounts

New Rates on CDs & Money Market Accounts

Cy-Fair FCU made recent increases to some of our deposit rates. There is now a 36-month Share Certificate (Certificate of Deposit) available at 3.00% APY* for balances above $5,000. Also, all Money Market tiers received an increase with rates starting at 0.05% upward to 0.25% APY*. For more details on this, please contact one of our Financial Consultants.

Travel Hacks to Keep You Out of Harm's Way

Travel Hacks to Keep You Out of Harm's Way

Traveling to new cities and countries is fun and exciting. To make sure you have a great time and only create happy memories of your adventure, keep these travel hacks in mind.


Keep important medical information on your phone.
If you have a medical condition or severe allergies, consider using an app to display this information on your phone’s lock screen. You can use the Health App if you have an iPhone or Medical ID if you have an Android. This is especially helpful if you’re traveling alone.

Have a room reserved for your first day
Some people like to travel spontaneously, pulling into towns with no idea where they’ll stay. But what if there’s a special event going on and all the hotels are full? Prepare ahead of time and make sure you have somewhere to spend the night when you arrive. And don’t skimp too much – you’ll probably be tired the first day and not feel at your best, so choose a place that has good security and amenities.

Be willing to spend when you don’t feel safe
What if you did reserve a place to stay and your Airbnb rental or motel turns out to be in a neighborhood that doesn’t make you feel safe? Grab a cab and head to hotel or motel in a safer area for the night. The next day, look for something in your price range and stay there for the remainder of your stay. Saving a few dollars by lodging in an unsafe area is not worth the risk.

Be aware of your surroundings
Always be aware of your surroundings and keep your belongings close to you. Also, if you drink alcohol, drink responsibly. A drunk person is easy to rob or worse.

Hide cash in your shoe
If your wallet gets lost or is stolen, having a $50 or $100 in your shoe can be a lifesaver. Without a debit or credit card, you’ll have a difficult time getting food or even getting back to your hotel. The cash will help you get through the night until credit unions are open the following day.

Don’t keep all valuables in one place
Split up your cash, credit cards, and hotel keys so they’re not all in one wallet or purse. Put some in a pocket or money belt. That way, if you are robbed, you can hand over the wallet without losing everything.