Salute to the Stars & New Car Giveaway

Salute to the Stars & New Car Giveaway

Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union had the privilege of participating in the CFEF Salute to the Stars gala as this year’s event underwriter, which took place at the Berry Center on October 18, 2018. The annual event celebrates the contributions of all Cy-Fair Independent School District educators and recognizes the top teachers, para-educators and support personnel from across the district. CFISD principals selected more than 90 “Teacher of the Year Honorees” for their outstanding dedication to students and incredible work in CFISD schools.


During the Salute to the Stars gala, honorees were entered into Cy-Fair FCU’s New Car Giveaway. With the help of Northwest Dodge, Cy-Fair FCU was able to give one lucky honoree a new 2018 Dodge Journey. We are excited to announce that Angie Peña of Danish Elementary was the winner of this new vehicle! We congratulate Angie and the other wonderful educators who were honored that evening.


The CFISD Cinemas team developed a playful video to kick off the event, staring Cy-Fair FCU President and CEO, Cameron Dickey, and featured Cy-Fair FCU Training Manager, Susan Bousley. If you would like to watch the video, you may do so by clicking the link below.

REMINDER: Activate Your New Card

Reminder to Activate Your New Card

This is a reminder to those who recently received a Day or Night Platinum Credit Card as a replacement for the old, standard version of our MasterCard and Visa Cy-Fair FCU credit cards. If you were not a recipient of one of these replacement cards, you may disregard this message. If you were a recent recipient of one of these replacement cards, please note that your older card will automatically be deactivated on October 31, 2018. To utilize your new replacement card, you will need to activate it. To activate, please follow the instructions provided with the card. Contact us if you have any questions.

Errors in Your Credit Card Report: Now What?

Errors in Your Credit Report: Now What?

Credit reports contain your personal financial information. Incorrect information can affect your ability to get a loan, rent housing, or get a job because businesses often make their decisions based on that data.

Keep your reports accurate:

  • Get Your Free Report. 
    You are allowed one free report every 12 months from each credit bureau: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Visit to order yours.
  • Check the basics first.
    Check variations in name, Social Security number, and address. Experian lists all variations reported to it to ensure the consumer has a full account of the identifying information reported and can act on it. Often, variations are simply the use of a nickname or a transposed address digit.
  • Verify data.
    Some can get complicated. If a loan is sold, the lender listed may not be the original.
  • Look for errors.
    A study by the Federal Trade Commission and another by Policy and Economic Research Council (PERC) revealed similar results: one of five consumers reportedly found errors on their credit reports which could negatively impact their credit score. When counselors at credit counseling agencies review reports with clients, they often find that the unfavorable information is valid. But when it is in error, it’s important to start the correction process right away.
  • Dispute errors.
    Contact the company that has provided the incorrect information, as well as the credit reporting agency in writing, and keep copies. Work with both the source of the information and the credit reporting company to resolve the issue quickly.

New Rates on CDs and Money Market Accounts

New Rates on CDs & Money Market Accounts

Cy-Fair FCU made recent increases to some of our deposit rates. There is now a 36-month Share Certificate (Certificate of Deposit) available at 3.00% APY* for balances above $5,000. Also, all Money Market tiers received an increase with rates starting at 0.05% upward to 0.25% APY*. For more details on this, please contact one of our Financial Consultants.

Right Now is a Great Time to Save

Right Now is a Great Time to Save

The autumn season brings the start of holiday sales. It’s a time when retailers want to move out their remaining summer inventory, as well as discount some new winter items. Here are a few of the best deals you can find right now.

  • Warm winter clothing – Retailers begin releasing their new winter clothing at sale prices, before demand for these items really kicks in.
  • Older iPhones – New iPhones are announced in September, so to make room on the shelves, sellers begin marking down older generation models in October.
  • Camping gear and outdoor furniture – Get good out-of-season deals on tents, sleeping bags, lawn chairs, and grills and you’ll be prepared for next summer.
  • Cars – Many dealerships begin transitioning inventory to next year’s models.
  • Bicycles – With less demand in colder temps, dealers will start offering their lowest prices on bikes and bike gear.
  • Travel packages – If you’ve been thinking of taking a cruise or trip overseas, you’ll find good package deals.
  • Fans and air conditioners – Again, as the temperature drops, so do prices for these popular summer items. But know that some dealers will begin storing these items in their warehouses in November for next year, so get them while you have a chance and prices are low!
  • Seasonal produce – Apples, squashes, and sweet potatoes are in abundance and priced to sell. Buy them in bulk, slice them up, and freeze them so they can be enjoyed throughout the winter.