Hispanic Heritage Celebration

Join Us For a Celebration!

Cy-Fair FCU is proud to be a recent recipient of the prestigious "Juntos Avanzamos" designation. Credit unions receiving the "Juntos Avanzamos" designation have proven their commitment to creating financial relevancy and serving Hispanics and immigrants within their community.


Please join us for a special Juntos Avanzamos Proclamation Ceremony

DATE: Friday, October 4th

TIME: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

WHERE: CFFCU Copperfield Financial Center

ADDRESS: 7060 Hwy 6, Houston, TX 77095


Enjoy Food, Music and Prizes

No RSVP needed, just show up. Everyone is invited!

Updating our website design

Our Website's Design is Changing

A fresh new look is coming to our website! Our hope is to launch the updates around the end of September into early October, but keep in mind that possible setbacks may push the launch into the later part of October.

Please note that your Online and Mobile Banking pages, once logged in, are not changing. Only the public website is receiving some upgrades at this time. Online Banking login will remain in the upper, left corner of the website. Simply click the “LOGIN” text link and the secure login will appear.

Our public website will maintain a familiarity to it so you do not feel overwhelmed, but the changes will provide a fresh look and improved user experience. With an intuitive, clean design and improved navigation menus, navigating the site and finding what you are looking for will be much easier.

In addition, we are moving to a new website management platform. This change will further enhance our site security, improve management of ADA compliance and provide greater site capabilities.

Once launched, we will continue to evolve internal pages for improved functionality and engagement. Because our new site platform provides more capabilities to evolve our pages, we would love to hear from you. If you have any suggestions related to the public site (but NOT related to online & mobile banking), please submit those at the link below and our developers will take your suggestions into consideration for future enhancements.

We hope you enjoy the new design!

Avoid Email Phishing Scams

Avoid Email Phishing Scams

Phishing is an attempt by cybercriminals to steal your personal data by often posing as a company you might trust in order to trick you into providing sensitive, identifying data and passwords. The results of falling into these traps can be long-lasting, creating identity and financial issues. It’s important to use caution with every email, looking closely for anything that appears out of the ordinary before responding or clicking on items in the email.

Here are a few “Red Flags” to watch for:

  • Sender's Email Address
    Look closely at the sender’s email address. Often cybercriminals will attempt to mimic a legit email address. For example, if the legit email address is service@company.com, they might use service@cornpany.com, using ‘r’ and ‘n’ to give the appearance as ‘m’ in the hopes that might go unnoticed.
  • Links
    Inspect the links before clicking. Simply hover your mouse over the link without clicking. A small pop-up will typically appear to reveal the web address url you will be directed to. Don’t click the link if it appears suspicious.
  • Attachments
    Be very cautious with opening attachments. Any attachment can pose a danger. If you feel uncertain, do not open the attachment. Instead, verify the safety of the attachment by reaching out to the sender via a phone number retrieved from a trusted source.
  • Phone Numbers
    If you are asked to call a phone number listed in the email, instead of using that number seek out a phone number from a trusted source, like your records or their main website.
  • Requests for Personal Data
    Use extreme caution with emails requesting information. Rarely will a company send you an unsolicited email requesting personal information. Don’t provide account numbers, passwords, personal data, etc. Immediately call the sender using a phone number from a trusted source (not from the email) to verify the legitimacy of the email.
  • Email Message
    Often a cybercriminal will attempt to create a sense of urgency to get you to act quickly before you notice potential red flags that might indicate it is a scam. Don’t allow your emotion to take over. Slow down, read carefully and use caution in what action you choose to take with the email.

Taking time to inspect every element of an email for potential red flags can help protect you from falling victim to a phishing attempt. Remember, most businesses will not ask for personal, identifying information or passwords through emails or phone calls you did not initiate, so refrain from such requests.

For more helpful information regarding phishing scams, please visit the FTC consumer site linked below.

Update to Reg CC

Update to Regulation CC

Regulation CC, which is set by the Federal Reserve and governs our funds availability requirements, was recently updated. The monetary limits within the Regulation are now tied to a consumer price index and will adjust every 5 years.

Changes also include:

  • Next Day Availability (229.10) = currently $200 | after 7/1/20 $225
  • Large Deposit (229.13(b)), New Account (229.13(a)) and Repeated Overdraft (229.13(d)) limits = Aggregate amounts currently over $5,000 | after 7/1/20 over $5,525
  • Special rules for cash withdrawals (229.12(d)) = currently $400 | after 7/1/20 $450
  • Civil Liability (229.21(a)) = currently $1,000 and $500,000 | after 7/1/20 $1,100 and $552,500